Love is the magical bond that connects two persons together, their souls, their hearts and exists on various ranges. This is that level of love which is extremely based of us all. Sometimes it is really hard to express your feelings with words. But the right poetry or shayari can help you to express your feelings in the right way. For this here in below, we have collected the best romantic Love Shayari in English that will put a big smile of your partner’s face and make him/her happier.

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True Love Shayari In English-

Here is the latest collection of short and long english love shayari for boyfriend and girlfriend both.

For Boyfriend-

Love shayari in english for boyfriend
Love shayari in english for boyfriend
  • I saw you from far
    And I liked what my eyes saw
    But not sure if we were meant to be
    Still, I made my way just to see.
  • You get up and he’s in your mind.
    Another subject, you can’t find.
    Once you thought that it was just a hoax
    But now you feel, you’re in love.
  • Do you ever think of me
    like i think of you
    do you ever dream of me
    like i dream of you.
  • You played me like your toy,
    you turned me upside down,
    now you come to tell me,
    That your sorry for what went down.
  • When it rains love,
    I stand here with hands cupped
    hoping to catch it all.
    Feeling it drip away.
  • When you look in my eyes,
    Do you see how much I love you?
    Can you see how much I need you?
    Do you know I dream about you?
  • I don’t know if I should love you
    I don’t think I mean much
    to you I’m just that little girl
    that you can’t trust.
  • I knew some thing you never thought i knew.
    it made me happy because you kept it even when we were through.
    then one more day pass’s by and i try again…
    to find out its been changed is it now the end…
  • I Don’t Love You Except Because I Love You
    I-don’t love you except because I love you;
    I go from loving to not loving you,
    From waiting to not waiting for you.
  • A charm invests a face
    Imperfectly beheld.
    The lady dare not lift her veil
    For fear it be dispelled.
  • You’ve sparked the fire
    It’s roaring hot
    My loins are burning
    I’ll forget you not.
  • Like the ocean his depths are not fully known,
    and his contents aren’t fully calculated.
    His soul is as beautiful as any sunset,
    his heart so true God smiles upon him.
  • My dear sweet Romeo,
    I would give my life for you,
    No, I would give a thousand lives,
    But my own, so we could be together.
  • A good heart and a good character are two different things
    A good heart can win many relationships
    But a good character can win many hearts.
  • The person who loves you most,
    will fight with you most, daily without any reason.
    But when you will be sad,
    that person will fight with the world to end your sorrow!!
  • That day when you fall in love with someone,
    You will think that it is the happiest day of your life,
    But actually you will become the weakest person,
    Who can not live without that person!!
  • How simple to be happy here in heaven!
    After all, one doesn’t want for much.
    Passion finds its willing partner, ever
    Pleased to please with a handy and soft touch.
  • How much can one person love another?
    A universe exists in time and space,
    Placed within the boundaries of one place,
    Pressed into a point far from forever.

For Girlfriend-

Love shayari in english for girlfriend
Love shayari in english for girlfriend
  • You Were The Smile Of My Face,
    And Now You Are Tears Of Me,
    You Gave Your Hand Like Rain In Desert,
    And Now You Are Behaving Like That Time Has No Mean,
    For God Sake Doesn’t Do This To Me..!!
  • The first time it happened,
    I knew it was great.
    But something inside
    turned beautiful love into hate.
  • Never shed a tear my dear,
    i’ll be here for years and years.
    never stay or leave u aside,
    not even to run and hide.
  • O my Luve’s like a red, red rose
    That’s newly sprung in June;
    O my Luve’s like the melody
    That’s sweetly played in tune.
  • I give you this ring
    as a promise to you
    a promise that I’ll be here
    and I’ll always be true
  • I wish you were my Valentine
    Though I may not be yours,
    And I may, in my ignorance,
    Be speaking to closed doors.
  • You gave me life
    And then took your own
    You helped me, You were there for me
    And then didn’t realize how much I cared
  • If I Did A Mistake Then Forgive To Me,
    If You Want To Out Of My Life With Out Any Reason Fine,
    But When You Will Be Out Of My Life’
    There Will Be A Big Change In Me..!!
  • The distance between two hearts
    Is not an obstacle,
    Its a beautiful reminder of just
    how strong true love can be..!!
  • Sometimes You Hurt Those people who Love You Most,
    Sometimes You Hold the hands that Leave You Lost,
    And Sometimes, You Understand all, But It’s Too Late..!!
  • My love for you is like ocean, Its endless,
    My-heartbeat for you is so strong and soundless,
    My feelings of being in your arm is very special and endless..!!
  • If i could get back old Memories,
    I would like to get the first day i kissed you,
    I look at your eyes and fall in love again,
    thanks to god for giving an angel like u in my life..!!
  • 3 things that I love most,
    The sun, the moon and only u,
    The sun during the day,
    The moon during the night
    And you till my last breath..!!
  • Some People Have Nice faces,
    Some Have Nice eyes,
    And some Have Nice smile,
    But You Have All Of Them With A Nice Heart and soul..!!

Heart Touching Love Shayari English-

First love shayari in english
First love shayari in english
  • Until the day I met you
    I did not know for sure
    If I would ever find love
    So awesome, perfect and pure
    But ever since that day
    All my doubts were put to rest
    For me, it’s no one but you
    Because I’ll have nothing but the best.
  • Like the warmth of the winter sun
    Like_the sound of a timeless melody
    Like a drive on the open road
    In summer, like the cool shades of a tree
    Like sleeping in, on a chilly morning
    Like freedom, and living life carefree
    Is how I feel every single time
    When I think about you and me
  • Every breath I take
    I dedicate to you
    You are the reason for
    Everything that I do
    Every day that I am alive
    I live by your name
    Without you, my life
    Would never be the same
    I love you
  • Without you
    I am not complete
    Having you next to me
    Is always a treat
    Without you
    I don’t feel great
    My heart beats for you
    At a crazy rate
    Without you
    I don’t feel like doing anything
    Because sweetheart
    You’re my everything
    I love you
  • YOU…
    The person with whom
    I’ve been on a beautiful journey
    The soulmate with whom
    I’ve given shape to my destiny
    The partner with whom
    Life seems beautiful and pretty
    The accomplice with whom
    I’ve done things fun and dirty
    The special someone with whom
    I’ve shared memories so happy
    The only one who
    I love like crazy
  • You’re the guy of my dreams
    Not just because you are charming
    But also because you always
    Tend to do the right thing
    I’m crazy for you
    Because you’re always there
    Never have you made me feel
    That you don’t care
    You’re the one for me
    Because you know me inside out
    We’re perfect together
    Of that, there’s no doubt
  • You make me go crazy
    You light me on fire
    I can’t hold back
    When I get overcome with desire
    I think about you all day long
    Do you think about me
    How madly I am in love with you
    Baby, can’t you see.
  • Your Heart Means Everything
    Trust is something so hard to come by
    Especially with everything we’ve done
    Baby I promise I’m not going to hurt you
    For I’ve always known you’re my one.

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